A clinical study means research with volunteers to improve medical care and the development of medical knowledge.

For medical studies, we are looking for patients with different skin conditions who are in medical therapy.

For cosmetic studies, we are looking for healthy people with different skin types.

For both types of study: The selection criteria for the participation of volunteers in a study are laid down approved in the study protocol.

Our patients and participants are informed in detail and accompanied by medical doctors. The protection of the volunteers, their complete elucidation, full agreement and the quality of the study results are most important to us.

Beldio® Research specializes in the planning and conducting of studies in the field of dermatology, allergology and cosmetics.

In clinical trials, new therapeutic and care options are examined for their efficacy and safety.

A competent team carries out these studies in compliance with the highest safety standards. Thereby, we offer patients and participants the opportunity to benefit from therapeutic approaches of tomorrow.